X2 ASSESSMENT is the range of assessment solutions we provide our clients to help them enhance their selection and development decisions, from ability and personality testing, behavioural assessment, through to more holistic methodologies such as assessment and development centres.

We only use well-researched instruments that are valid and reliable. We are qualified in a range of assessment tools and we work with you to select the most appropriate instruments to meet your needs.

Our services include analysis, reporting, and feedback by qualified Psychologists.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres combine multiple assessment methods. As a result, they make the most accurate prediction of a candidate’s behaviour and performance, including their fit with the organisational culture.

Assessment centres can be used to select candidates at all levels and for large volume recruitment campaigns.

We work with you to:

  • implement a fair, valid and effective assessment centre process
  • identify the dimensions to be assessed
  • develop activities based on your unique needs and environment
  • train internal assessors
  • facilitate assessment centre with qualified and experienced facilitators

Development Centres

Development centres are focused on both assessment and development. They are often used to identify future talent potential and the development they need to realise that potential.

Our unique development centre methodology is designed to identify hidden talent in organisations and fast-track their development. It combines various forms of assessments, time and tools for reflection, coaching and feedback, as well as opportunities to practice new behaviours in business environments designed to bring to life real situations and challenges faced by employees.

We work with you to:

  • implement a development centre process designed to accurately measure potential and fast-track the development of high potentials
  • identify key behaviours and other dimensions to be assessed
  • develop real-time business scenarios
  • train internal coaches
  • facilitate development centre with qualified and experienced facilitators

Assessments built to fit

We specialise in providing bespoke assessment solutions that are aligned with your organisation’s unique environment and business priorities.