Client Case Studies

Improving Service Delivery

This major Australian utility company acquired a business that sells a range of energy management solutions. As a new entrepreneurial business, it identified the need to turn its consultants into business builders (until then reactive), who proactively hunted out customers and thought more strategically about markets.

Altus Pacific partnered with the organisation to deliver a program focused on the behaviours that underpin key success areas such as Business Development, Consulting and Delivery. A 360 degree survey before and 12 months following the program indicated over 60% increase in behaviour change. Customer survey results also markedly improved following the program.

Top Talent Program

To sustain its growth in a competitive and fast changing environment, this leading Australasian manufacturer of non-ferrous metals required a Top Talent Program. Whilst there was already a range of management interventions in the organisation, the Top Talent program needed to go beyond this to provide a supply of people who are equipped to think more strategically about markets, lead their businesses, and take advantage of new commercial opportunities.

The company partnered with Altus Pacific to deliver a program that will create a fundamental challenge to leadership thinking and drive the behaviours needed to bring business results. Marked improvements in leadership behaviours and engagement survey were recorded following the program. Also, out of ten participants in the initial program, two were promoted to GM roles within 12 months.