Most change management programs fail. They fail essentially because they are conceived as an outside-in process focused on changing the surrounding structures while ignoring change within individuals.

X2 CHANGE is a two-stage process designed to shift mindsets, overcome resistance to change, and reinforce desired behaviours. The model draws on breakthroughs in psychology, behavioural science, and neuroscience that explain why people think and act as they do.

X2 CHANGE is structured in a way that triggers insights that will result in self-directed decisions to do thing differently. Throughout the process, old assumptions that unconsciously influence what we see and how we act are challenged, and new assumptions are tried-out and experimented with. Nothing is imposed; the methodology helps participants uncover what is already there, resulting in sustainable change in mindsets and behaviour.


X2 CHANGE is a flexible and adaptable development model that can be customised for all types of contexts across any Industry. Applications include:

  • Breaking down silos: improving cross-functional collaboration
  • Cultural integration as in the case of M&A’s and JV’s
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Shaping a strong risk culture
  • Improving sales and service performance