Altus is a firm of leading business psychologists and organisational development professionals specialising in talent assessment, leadership development and change. Altus helps client organisations achieve results by aligning people behaviour with business strategy.

Assessment solutions provided by Altus Pacific - X2 Assessment.

We partner with a variety of Australian and international organisations to enhance their selection and development decisions and significantly increase organisational effectiveness.

We provide a full spectrum of assessment solutions ranging from psychometrics through to more holistic assessment methodologies.

Leadership development program by Altus Pacific. X2 LEADERSHIP.

In a world that is moving fast, leaders need to constantly reinvent themselves, challenge the way they think and quickly make the mental shifts that will allow them to realign their behaviours to meet the changing environment.

This is profound change that traditional content-heavy leadership programs cannot deliver.

Change management program provided by Altus Pacific, X2 CHANGE

Most change management programs fail. They fail essentially because they are conceived as an outside-in process focused on changing the surrounding structures while overlooking change within individuals.

X2 CHANGE is a two-stage process designed to shift mindsets, overcome resistance to change and re-enforce desired behaviours


We have built a strong client base including large multinationals and leading public sector organisations. We are particularly proud of our track record of repeat business and strong client relationships.